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Thursday, December 4, 2008

.the truth about lies.

hey kwn2x..
do you pride yourself on being an honest person or do you tell a lot of lies?
think about it..i mean..ya..it is quite impossible if there is peole who are not lying for at least once in their lifetime right?hmm..(kalo korang mmg xpnh..uwh..hebatla tuh..)

situation1 : when someone ask you how you are,you say "fine" even when you're down.
situation 2:
when gf/bf ask you whether they are cute/handsome or whatsoever you reassure her/him that..yup they are..!(even they are not..ops..!yeye..beauty is on the eye of the beholder..=])

hmm..aku bce dlm 1magazine tuh..studies shows that average person tells one/two lies daily..hmm..tp..aku xsure plak ni studies dr u mne..erk.!i mean..normally..it is conduct by university students right?hihi..

oke2x..back to topic..erm..

for me lying is not necessarily bad form-well..usually we tell lies for the benefit of other people..kn?kn?hmm..

but STILL..!aku x ar sokong kalo menipu..in any case..if possible..do be honest..no matter what..aku pasti..korang pon xsuke kalo kne tipu kn?

so..treat others like how u want to be treat..!=p


AlexAlabasta said...

Ikut keadaan kot. Tapi rasenye lies cam "Im fine" tuh x berat sangat berbanding kalo isu yang boleh efek banyak pihak.

Tapi sebaik2nye hindarilah daripada berbohong kerana kalau jadik habit susah nak dibuang kan?

ghaffOr n aDah said...

yup2 stuju..!hihi..

sye pn mngelak n mncube utk tdk berbohong..kat spe2 pn..spesely family..mak n pa..uwh..insyaALLAH..

tp kdg2 trlalu jujur n lurus ley wat bnyk prob gk..haish..dugaan2x..!=p

I am...faelivrin said...

hmm..semua org xblh lari dr lies. even the small ones..sometimes kta xprasan about the lies that we've done..

btw i pun slalu gak gna this qoute - "treat others like how u want to be treat" =)

ghaffOr n aDah said...

emm..yup fana..

sme goes to me..it's normal..huhu..tp kne ingtla..amek sbgai peringtn kat kite kalo xmo org tpu kite..1st kite xley tpu org dlu..kn?hehe..

thnks fana 4 da cment..!=p

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