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Saturday, October 17, 2009

.cinta 2=perempuan vs. lelaki.


we are different..!
the way we react and the way we think..
even perempuan ngn perempuan pun lain-lain..
camtu gak lelaki ngn lelaki..
am i rite?

rambut same itam..eceh..skrg tak bley pkai da..rmbut aku blonde..(haha..blonde-la sgt..!=])


never ever deny the facts that we do need each other..
bile perempuan ckp sumthing..
jgn amek mudah..
jgn gak amek terlalu berat..

it's not that hard to understand what we want guys..
believe me!

bf..i love u!
thnks for being such a greaaaaaaatt hubby!
11years n still counting..
till death do us apart..
(let's get married..NOW!!plez..hahaha..)

love u!(*_*)

pstt : pesanan di atas utk semua..oh!semua yg nak bace..trime ke tak terpulang-la kan?hehe..

bf i..i rndu u!=]

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