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Monday, July 26, 2010

.proud me.

look at the picture and u'll know why..haha..

it is so dem not easy for me to get what we call- ideal BMI..oh yea baby..my sis n kazen cant call me anorexia anymore!!(eventho i never being one!!) haha..

finally huh?

dreams come true and yeay!

she ( i mean me!) live happily ever after..haha..insyaALLAH..

pssst - i just hope i can maintain the weight!dont want to losss-weight=)


kerangRebus said...

ala..j.e.l.e.s! sy xcukup berat lagi..sebab ketinggian melampau haih~~hepl me darl!ad petua x ?=_=

Legasi Piston Pecah said...

tahniah lah...awak dapat maintain je berat tu kan..bagus tu,cara hidup yang sihat.

cik k♥dah said...


hahaha..takpe takpe babe!time ni mmg susah..nnt ble da nek yeay!!bru tau..hehehe..petua ape eh??emmmm..adah mkn bnyk bnyk bnyk n bnyk!!hahaha..lg yg membantu myb sbb adah suke minum coke..haha..past few weeks-laaaa..skrg tak da..oh oh!!tp seyesly tak elok..jgn ikut!=)

piston -
haha..thanks yaw!!=)

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