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Thursday, August 12, 2010

.step up 3D.

hello everyone..

remember my previous entry?

about the muvi i want to watch with mr.boyfie?

yea yea..i juz realized that the muvi is not-yet-outttt in malaysia..


but then..poor me..

i may not have chance to watch it with my mr.boyfie because i'll have to go to kuantan for work..and yeah!it is till raya and the muvi cume akan kuar pd 26hb august!dem dem!!='(

but its okelaaaa..(muke redhaaaaa...hehe..)

psstt!!-mr.boyfie!i give u permission to watch the muvi alone or with zahin/mat or anyone you want..but NO GIRLS allowed..hahaha...

that's all..

thank you!

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