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Monday, March 7, 2011

.datuk fadzilah kamsah.

hello everyone..

long time no update huh?
hehe..so sori..
quite busy with my so-called-working life and yeah..i'm still in the process of learning and trying to adopt to the working-environment thing..
so far so good and i enjoy it very much..
except for the fact that i can't just wake up or sleep late like before..waaaa..
oh oke enough..

the main point for this post is actually about Datuk Fadzilah Kamsah..i'm sure most of you guys out there know who he is rite?
he is one of the famous-motivator in Malaysia..

honestly, i dont really like him but hey!today i watched his programme which is on astro oasis (my future-mom-in-law watchs a lotttttt!) and the topic is about TUDUNG or SCARF or HIJAB or whatever you call it..i forgot the exact title-loh!

but somehow, the topic is like very interesting to me and he invited Catriona Ross as a guest who is now wearing a scarf and of coz, i hope it last for her..insyaALLAH..

as for me,
i start to wear scarf since i'm in standard 3 and at that time bye bye rambut berfesyen!emm..that was the 1st time i wear scarf-la but of coz, until 18ys something, i still like on-off..haha..(my bad!;b)

my father is very i mean, VERY sporting..its up to you whether you wanna wear scarf or not..u are big enough to think what's right and what's wrong on your own..but!but but!my brother haaa...very the fierce one!hahaha..so yeah, at first i wear scarf because of him..emm..but i dont think that it is a bad thing..i thanked Allah SWT for that..i thanked my along for that..because of him, i became this nice..(oke perasan) hahaha..

sure got..for those people who i dont really know, like when i stayed in hostel asked why do i wear scarf?your hair very nice one-lah blablabla but hey!are u going to "tanggung my dosa?"..same goes to the saloon owner..i wonder why every one of them who i asked to cut (is it the right word?) my hair, said that i look better without a scarf blabla..haha..i assume that they said that because they want me to keep on coming to their saloon-lahhh..haha..

so, tu jela..

its no matter what or who influence you to wear scarf,if it is good for you then just proceed..do not afraid or care of what people might say like - "eleh..she wears scarf because of bf-la blablabla"..
Allah SWT knows better and good luck to you girls who maybe now, thinking of wearing a scarf..(+_+)

till then,

psst - pardon for my bad-english-grammar..long time no practise maaa..hahaha


Legasi Piston Pecah said...

sporting betul kan...nak pakai ke tak?dah besar kan,boleh fikir sendiri

cik k♥dah said...

yeah..sgt sporting..tp once u choose to wear it, u have to wear it for REAL!no on-off..niat kne betul..pa adah garang gak woo..=)

choretan manushia said...

it's really good to see u keep on holding ur principle about wearing a hijab..wearing a hijab and keep wearing a hijab is two different thing..people that can keep wearing a hijab when others tell her to took it off is something amazing..hope u'll keep it till last..insyallah

cik k♥dah said...

insyaALLAH amin..i pray for the same thing..tq mun..=)

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