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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

.masalah masalah.


lately..i do not know why..


it seems like i hve problem to wake up early at morning which of coz, it gives me nothng but trouble..huk3x..

oke..myb it's my mistake coz slalu tdo lmbt..tpppp..ni sume slah muke-buku kot..ops!haha..no no joking*..

erm..last monday i didn't do the e-com test coz of *over-slept*..hmm..tak taula cmne neh..oh ya..my housemte pn cmtu..5-5orang tak terbangun pg tuh..seyes tak sedar wey..so esk..there may be a process of pujuk-memujuk our ensem lectrer to allow us to answr it!!(the e-com test i mean..huhu..pray 4 us yah?uhuk!)

kalo ikutkn..tak penah lak aku ade problm cmneh..huhu..oh dan myb gak it is becoz aku tak payah bngun sahur..hmm..

guys..ops!n girls..

do u have any idea or maybe method that u use to get up early at morning??!?

kalo ade..pleeeezzzzzz..do share it with me..

u see?u see??i said eh!type PLEZZZZZ...oho..(determined neh!!)(*_*)


nadia said...

ask ur mommy to wake up for u! ;)

cik k♥dah said...

hehe nadia..

kalola bley..tp xduk seumh ngn mak..adah kat jhor mak kat tganu..hehe..waaa rnduu!!xsabar rye..!hehe..

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